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Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account Information

Attention Parents:

This is just a reminder that the Infinite Campus Student Information System used by Sweetwater School District #2 has several ways to communicate information to parents including the following:

  • DISTRICT AND SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS – Available for viewing through the Campus Parent Portal
  • EMAIL, VOICE and TEXT MESSAGING – Note:  Text messaging must be approved by the user, either by a written notice, email, phone call  to school office, or checked by the user on the Infinite Campus Portal.  The District requires user approval for text due to the possibility of financial obligations on individual texts.  

We are asking all parents who are not currently receiving text messages from SW#2 to consider this option and please contact their child’s school with approval, or sign into the parent portal and check the appropriate text boxes.

If you do not currently have an Infinite Campus Portal Account….please contact your school office.

Thank you.