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Green River Schools will have optional face coverings for 2021-2022



Green River Schools will have optional face coverings for 2021-2022

Sweetwater County School District #2 would like to first, thank all of its students, parents, and employees for adhering to the numerous protocols in place last school year. With student and staff safety at the forefront of every decision, schools in Wyoming were fortunate to be able to complete an entire school year, while still providing students with face-to-face instruction. As we look forward to the upcoming school year, we want our students, parents, and staff to know that safety and wellness will remain our top priority.  

With the recently released guidance from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) on the reopening of schools, we have started the process of revising our Smart Start Plan in preparation for the first day of school on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. Our preliminary plan will be presented to the School Board for their approval at the August School Board meeting. 

The revised Smart Start Plan will include many of the same safety protocols followed this past school year, including: handwashing, social distancing when possible, thorough cleaning of facilities, and remaining home when there are signs of any infectious illness; however, one significant change to the safety protocols will include the removal of the mandated face covering requirements. The option to utilize masks or other face coverings will be left to the discretion of families and employees. We will ensure the decisions on face coverings made by families and employees are respected.

The CDC encourages those that can be vaccinated to do so; however, the district acknowledges that this is a decision left again, solely to families and employees. We will continue our efforts to monitor the community and school transmission of COVID related illnesses throughout the school year, and work to ensure that all district stakeholders are safe while promoting protocols that aim to limit potential exposure.

The District will continue to reevaluate the pandemic and adjust the Smart Start Plan as much as reasonably possible for our students and employees.


If you have any questions about the Smart Start Plan you can contact Central Office 872-5500.