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SW#2 Strongly Recommends Students under 12 or Unvaccinated Students to Wear Face Coverings or Masks



Sweetwater County School District #2 remains committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of its students and staff.  Throughout the last week, we have seen a growing number of positive cases reported in each of our schools resulting in numerous students needing to be quarantined. 


We understand the difficulties that quarantining can have on students and their families; therefore, the district strongly encourages students who are under 12 or those who have not been vaccinated to consider wearing face coverings or masks while attending school or school functions. The district continues to support and respect parents and students having a choice in wearing face coverings or masks; yet, it does want to highlight that wearing them can prevent students exposed from being quarantined. 


While we recognize that not everyone agrees on the purpose and value of wearing face coverings and/or masks, and in honoring students and parents right to choose, it must be noted that for a student to avoid being quarantined, the CDC suggests that a student must either be fully vaccinated or have fully recovered from COVID-19 within three months of exposure and remain symptom free. If face coverings or masks are worn by both parties (the presumed positive and the exposed individuals), students do not need to quarantine per CDC guidelines. 


The district would also like to remind parents that if their child has any symptoms, to please keep them home until they are symptom free.  Students will not be penalized for medically excused absences. 


Our goal is for every student to be able to attend school without interruption; COVID-19 continues to make this challenging.  Last school year, while wearing masks, we were able to hold school and various student activities, in person, with limited disruption; therefore, we know we can do this and are asking our community, students, and parents to help us achieve this goal once again this school year. We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and act accordingly to keep our student’s and employee’s safety as a priority.