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Gifted and Talented Education



Gifted and Talented Identification

Students in Sweetwater County School District 2 who may be gifted and talented are referred, evaluated, and identified.  Parents or teachers may refer a child in grades 2-5 at any time by either letting the classroom teacher know or by contacting the GATE teacher directly.

Our screening process begins at the end of first grade, with parent, teacher, or other referrals, followed by parent permission to evaluate. Testing of selected first graders takes place in February.  Our process includes the use of parent and teacher recommendations, current and applicable standardized test results, and the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test). The OLSAT assesses a student's cognitive (e.g., verbal, nonverbal and quantitative) abilities that relate to his or her academic success.

Our belief is  that we should challenge all learners to work at their highest capacity.  In accordance with that philosophy, the GATE program is a pull-out approach in which qualifying students, who have demonstrated the potential for high academic achievement, meet each week with others from their grade level and school to be challenged, supported, and inspired through differentiated learning opportunities.