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Educational Resources for Home

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In an effort to give students guidance in what they should be reviewing while school is closed I have made a daily slideshow that will be put into our Google Classroom every morning starting on Monday. The slideshow will mimic what our daily routine in the classroom looks like. It has links to follow for videos, reading, answering questions, and quizzes. It also has a page for a written response and some math problems (students will answer those questions directly in the slideshow). Everything I have students working on is review of previously learned material. None of the work will be graded, it is strictly to keep students practicing and hopefully in a routine. If students do complete the slideshow, have them turn it in when finished so I can keep track of who is doing what and areas students may need more help in. Below I have included a schedule of what our day in the classroom looks like compared to the slideshow:

At School

  • 8:40- Bell rings
    • Students do attendance, fill out planner, and answer question of the day.

8:50-9:50 -Math

9:50-10:50- Specials

10:50-12:10- Reading

  • 12:10-12:30-Writing/Grammar
  • 12:30-1:05- Recess and lunch
  • 1:05-1:50- Reading WIN
  • 1:50-2:35- Science or Social Studies

2:35-2:50- Recess

2:50-3:20- Math WIN

  • 3:20-3:25- Clean up and dismissal

Homeschool Slideshow- Students may complete these things anytime throughout the day!

  • By 9:00 am I will have all links for the day ready to go. Slideshow will be in Google Classroom.
  • Slide 1 will ask them to follow the link to Socrative (a site we use often) to answer the daily question. I will leave the question open all day. This will help me see who is with me each day.
  • The next few slides will be math review and suggestions for what math to work on.
  • Take a break!
  • The next few slides will be reading. The first slide will have a link to a daily read aloud, the next has an area for students to respond to the text. The final reading slide on most days will have a link to a Scholastic News article and questions that go with it.
  • There will be one writing/grammar slide with assignments for students to do on IXL.
  • Finally, there is a science slide with links to space games and short articles. This page is to get students excited to start our science unit when we make it back to school.

If students finish quickly and you think they need more practice they can always work on any of the sites listed on the next page!!

These are just a few of the many educational sites out there. The sites that I have listed are ones that we use in class regularly and will directly support what we have worked on this year.

Students will be familiar with these sites and I can keep track of student progress.

To log into Classlink from home go to


Khan Academy Prodigy

StudyIsland- login through classlink IXL- login through classlink

PearsonRealize- log in through classlink you would like to print worksheets.


IXL- login through IXL

StudyIsland- login through classlink Dreamscape-log in through google classroom

Scholastic is offering approximately 20 days worth of resources- MobyMax- Login through google classroom

Epic!- let me know what email address to send the invite to for free at home access


Legends of Learning- Log in through classlink

We are going to begin a space unit when we return to school so feel free to explore sites like NASA such as:


Practice Tests


This is a document from Khan Academy with a sample daily schedule and links to practice on Khan Academy. Students already know how to use Khan for math and should know what to work on. Khan has just started launching reading assignments as well, students can follow the link in the document to practice! 1vSZhOdEPAWjUQpqDkVAlJrFwxxZ9Sa6zGOq0CNRms6Z7DZNq-tQWS3OhuVCUbh_-P- WmksHAzbsrk9d/pub

Parents and students may contact me with questions through my email at anytime, I will try to respond as quickly as possible. All students can access their school email by clicking the mail app in classlink. If your student does not have access to a device and/or internet please contact our IT department and they will try to get you set up. If your student needs paper materials instead, please let me know and I will try to get the materials I can from the slideshows put into a packet.

I know this is a lot of information and it will take some time to figure out and get the kinks out. We will see how these slideshows work out over the first couple of days and make adjustments from there! Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!

Thank you.

Mrs. Gilmore