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Special Services » Staff Training Opportunities 18-19

Staff Training Opportunities 18-19



Friday, August 3rd - Dr. Blackwelder - Special Education and Transportation - Central Office Board Room 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. 


Dr. Blackwelder will work with the transportation department of the following topics: managing the bus environment with strong emphasis on special needs student behavior & how do bus drivers get into trouble program. 


Monday August 13th - Practical Strategies for Paraprofessionals & Substitute Teachers:   Instructional Intensity -  Green River High School Commons 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


In this presentation, Laurie Ivie will provide you with practical strategies for improving communication between teachers and paraprofessionals in an effort to promote student success.  She will discuss the roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals as critical members of the educational team; along with, addressing the following instructional and behavioral strategies:


*Following lesson plans  * Principles of behavior modification *Implementing curricular adaptations  * Teaching/Reinforcing classroom rules, procedures and routines *Maintaining active participation and engagement  * Data recording and reporting  *Assisting with student organization * Behavior management strategies for minor behavior problems

Tuesday, August 14th - Effective Behavior Management Strategies for the Classroom: Practical Magic - Melisa Genaux, M.Ed -  Green River High School Commons 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


In this practical presentation for all school staff, Ms. Genaux will provide strategies designed to: 


* Prevent behavior escalation

* Increase compliance with directions

* Increase many other desired behaviors (e.g., on-task; work completion; in- 

   seat; good transitions)

* Create simple and effective consequences for misbehavior

* Increase the effectiveness of reinforcement systems

* Decrease severe misbehaviors such as meltdowns and physical aggression


Many practical methods for behavior change will be discussed, that may be adapted to any grade level and that may be implemented immediately in the classroom. These strategies may be used with all students, in both general education and special education settings.


Wednesday, August 15th - Working with Kids with High-Functioning Autism: Practical Strategies for the Classroom - Melisa Genaux, M.Ed. -  Green River High School Commons 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


In this presentation Melisa Genaux will provide information on strengths and learning challenges of students with High-Functioning Autism (formerly Asperger Syndrome) across the areas of social interaction, classroom behavior, work completion, academic learning, fine motor skills, self-regulation, and communication issues. Ms. Genaux will discuss many practical strategies for addressing specific behavioral and learning challenges in both general education and resource settings. Participants will receive a wide range of interventions that require minimal staff time for implementation, and that have an immediate positive impact for students, teaching staff, and parents.  OPEN TO TEACHERS AND SUPPORT STAFF


Friday, August 17th - Case Management Boot Camp (6th through 12th grade). - Pingora Consulting - Central Office Conference Room 1 - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Stephanie Weaver will go over the basics of case management duties as it relates to IDEA and WDE Chapter 7 Rules and Regulations.  This will primarily focus on the development of the IEP, evaluations, and special education related forms and processes. ​
Tuesday, August 21st - Section 504 Training - David Hodgins - 8:00 am to 10:00 am - GRHS Auditorium 
David will spend two hours covering the basics of Section 504 and how they apply to all staff.  He will make special emphasis on the importance of following accommodations and supports in all environments including extra curricular activities. ​He will also have an additional session specifically for coaches and sponsors related to extracurricular activities. 
August 27th & 28th - Aaron Stabel - Washington Elementary 
Aaron will continue to support the district's elementary BEST Program (Behavior Expectations and Skills Training) with ongoing professional development and focus on data tracking using digital resources. 
September 10th, 11th, and 12th - Amber Fitzgerald - Life Skills Programs
Amber will work closely with all of the district's life skills to build on her previous work in establishing routines, procedures, and systems for functional life skills, functional communication, functional academics, and functional independence. 
September 26th - WYABLE - ABLE Hands 
Information for parents and staff regarding financial benefits to students and adults with significant disabilities. 
October 4th and 5th - Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 
Training for our counselors and other mental health professionals in becoming certified to provide support to individuals who have experienced significant trauma. 
October 15th and 16th - MANDT Training - Danielle Kendall and Katie Camis
November 6th, 7th , and 8th - MANDT Training - Danielle Kendall and Katie Camis 
December 7th - Instructional Intensity 
Training to certified and support staff on direct instruction strategies and implementation
December 10th, 11th, 12th - Black Hills Special Services Cooperative 
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative provided three days of interviews, classroom walkthroughs, and data collection as part of a comprehensive needs assessments on the district's special education department. 
February 5th 6th - Black Hills Special Services Cooperative 
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative will return to complete a data analysis of the different data collections that has occurred.  This work will be done with teams from each building in an effort to determine areas which are going well within the department and areas in need of focus for the future. 
February 19th - Keith Mader, Trauma informed care for counselors and social workers 
Keith Mader from C-V Ranch will work with staff on strategies for working with students who have experienced trauma. This will include mindfulness techniques among other therapy related material.