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K-12 'Life Skills' Program

The ‘Life Skills’ Program is a specialized placement for students with significant intellectual disabilities who need opportunities to develop functional academic skills; along with, skills that they will need in everyday life such as: self-care, vocational, functional reading and math, money management, self-advocacy, independence, and others. 


Placement into the ‘Life Skills’ Program is an IEP team decision and is based on specific student needs and discussion regarding the placement that can meet those needs most appropriately. Placement in the ‘Life Skills’ Program is a decision that is considered yearly by the IEP team. The decision is made after a thorough review of the IEP components which may include present levels of performance, goals/objectives, accommodations, modifications, supplementary aids and services, state and district assessments, behavior intervention plans, teacher and parental input, and results from any previous evaluations.


Some common features of the ‘Life Skills’ Program include:


  •       Higher level of staff support (very small teacher to student ratio for increased supervision and safety awareness). 


  •       Students have opportunities for functional academics and community mobility through monthly shopping/cooking and community outings, weekly adaptive aquatics and adaptive physical education, and various other functional activities which prepare students for vocational and self-help skills.


  •       Students have access to a state of the art 'Snoezelen Room' which is a custom multi-sensory environment (additional information can be found on our webpage) – the Snoezelen Room is located at Harrison Elementary.


  •       Brand new fully accessible 'Inclusive Playground' designed specifically for students with disabilities (located at Harrison Elementary School).


  •       High School students are able to participate in the VESEP (Vocational Education-Special Education Program) which affords them vocational opportunities throughout our community.


  •       Student in the ‘Life Skills’ Program often receive a Certificate of Completion; however, this is a team decision and individualized to each student’s progress. Students are able to attend through their 21st


  •       ‘Life Skills’ Programs can be found at Harrison Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, and Green River High School.