Sweetwater County School District #2

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School Boundaries


Washington Elementary
Jamestown, all area North of the river, North side of River View, (even numbered houses), Juniper Street, (entire street), North side of Easy Street, (odd numbered houses), Easy Circle, all of Knotty Pine and Little America

Truman Elementary
All K-4 students living east of Uinta Drive¸ south of the river to Cliff View Drive and Bridger Drive going east to East Teton. Includes students living on the north side of Bridger Drive to East Teton.

Jackson Elementary
All K-4 students in Castle Heights Apartments, Pheasant, houses south of Upland Drive starting at Hitching Post extending to Colorado Drive.  Houses on the East side of Colorado Drive to East Teton Blvd.  South side of East Teton Blvd.

Harrison Elementary  
All houses on: Alabama, Arkansas, Boulder, Butte, South Carolina, Citadel, Commerce, Hunters Run, South Dakota, Bailey Court, Doe, Fawn, Easy, Essex, Evans, Faith, Fox Hills, Gannet, Georgia, Green River Way, Hillside, Hoback, Kansas, Keith, Lombard, Louisiana, Mansface, Miller, Montana, Moran, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Powell, Ridge Crossing, North Riverbend, South Riverbend, Utah, Wilkes, and Windriver, Hutton Circle, Virgina, West Virginia, Virginia Circle. 

Houses 1540 and lower on Arizona, 1300 and even houses lower than 1300 on Bridger, houses 1400 and higher on Bridger, Colorado Circle 1670 and lower, Colorado Drive 1735-2035 odds, Fir street 420 and up, Hackberry houses 505 and up, Hitching Post drive numbers 1400-1610, Hutton street houses 300-705, Riverview Drive houses 215-575. East Teton 1270-1675, East Teton 1615-1805 Odd, Wyoming 2045 and lower, West, Upland 1125-2035 odd, Iowa, West Teton 1400-2065.

Granger Elementary
All K-4 students living in Granger and the Westvaco Sections.

McKinnon Elementary
All K-5 students in the McKinnon attendance area.

Monroe Intermediate School
All 5th and 6th grade students

Lincoln Middle School
All 7th and 8th grade students

Green River High School
All nine through twelve (9-12) grade students living in the attendance area of Sweetwater County School District #2.