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Crisis Management

Dear Parents,

County-wide,  we will be using common terminology in order to operate within our district crisis management plans. This terminology is not a replacement of the existing plan but rather a classroom response enhancement for critical incidents, designed to provide consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff and first responders.

Our goal is to educate parents on the terminology as well. By doing so, all stakeholders can understand the response and status of the event. This terminology is relatively simple to train and drill.

Schools are required to conduct an emergency drill of some sort, monthly. Sometimes that is a simple fire drill while at other times the drill may be more elaborate as we attempt to do a better job of involving the local law enforcement in these drills.

As we conduct drills, we will attempt to replicate part of a situation and while we hope emergency situations are minimal to non-existent in our schools, it is important we do our best to prepare for the unexpected while still maintaining our educational focus.

Please know that in the case of a real emergency the schools and the district will communicate in several different ways.

The local radio stations

Text messaging emergency information to parents’ cell phones.

To use this capability, parents need to allow Infinite Campus to send the information to their cell phones.

Here are the directions which will also appear on the parent portal:

      Enter the Infinite Campus Parent Portal

      Click on Contact Preferences under User Account in the left index.

      Click the Text (SMS) box for each phone and type of notification on which  you would like to receive text messages.




Please watch the videos below to better understand our terminology. 


Lockdown vs Lockout Video  


Lockdown Video  


Lockout Video


Evaluate Video



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