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Registration Information - New Students

Welcome to Sweetwater County School District #2!


NEW STUDENTS (Kindergarten through 12th Grade) ENROLLING FOR SCHOOL YEAR:  2021/2022


If your family is new to the District please visit at least one of your children’s schools (click Contact Information link below), or contact a school by phone/email to receive a link to our online registration system.


At this time we do not recommend the application be completed on a smartphone.    If you would prefer, kiosks are also available for your use in each school and the District Central Office. 


To determine your home elementary (KG - 5th) school, click on School Boundaries/Maps Information located on the right side of screen. You may also call any elementary school or Central Office at 307-872-5500.


When attending SW#2 if your family resides outside of district boundaries, a Non-Resident Application must be completed. This form is available within the online application but can also be found at Non-Resident Student Enrollment Application


  • Early registration will not only assist the District in determining seat counts, but will help ensure the best chance for your child to attend their home school or have a voluntary transfer application approved due to class size restrictions.
  • Per Wyoming Statute 21-4-302 (b) Effective August 1st 2021 a pupil may register in kindergarten in the public school of this state in the year in which his fifth birthday falls on or before August 1, or September 15 if pursuant to an approved request under W.S. 21-3-110
  • Per Wyoming Statute 21-3-110(a)(xxxviii). Effective August 1, 2021 “school districts must” Establish a process in policy to approve or deny request’s made by a pupil’s parent or guardian based on the pupil’s kindergarten readiness assessment score to assess whether the pupil is sufficiently mature to be admitted to the applicable grade.
  • Sweetwater School District #2 is asking all parent/guardian(s) to register their child born on or before September 15, 2017. Schools will be using information in these applications to contact parent/guardian(s) to setup a screening date to determine kindergarten readiness. Registration does not guarantee enrollment approval on children born after August 1st.


NOTE:   A birth certificate and immunization record is required.  If these documents are not available during the online registration process, you will still be able to submit the application.  Receipt of these documents must be prior to the first day of school, or the student will not be able to attend.        


How to Register:

If you have another child currently attending school in the Sweetwater SD#2 system:

  • If any of your currently enrolled children are in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade, please contact that child’s school to receive a link to our online registration system.
  • If all of your currently enrolled children are in grades 5th through 12th, please contact your incoming student’s home elementary school (KG - 5th) per School Boundary map.


If you do not have a student currently attending Sweetwater SD#2:

  • Please contact your incoming student’s home elementary school per School Boundary map.

Note: If you cannot contact the school due to a scheduled break (Christmas, Summer), or have questions please contact us by email at:


If requesting an online application link through email,  please include the following:

  • Name of Parent/Guardian who will be filling out application
  • Daytime phone number
  • Address
  • Name/Age/Grade Level of Children enrolling
  • Expected Start Date
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