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Distance-Learning Program










Sweetwater County School #2

 Distance-Learning Program Contract and Expectations  




General Information


Although there is no replacement for in person, face-to-face instruction, Sweetwater County School District #2 (SWCSD#2) understands that from time to time, students may experience extenuating or special circumstances that impact a student’s ability to attend school in person; therefore, high school students have an option to receive instruction through the district’s ‘distance-learning program’ held at Expedition Academy High School. 


The intent of the district’s distance-learning program is to provide students with an educational experience that aligns with state standards, the district’s pacing and learning expectations, and meet Wyoming graduation requirements. This instructional delivery is NOT designed to offer students with instruction that mirrors face-to-face instruction; it is a 100% online program through the ‘Edmentum Plato Courseware’. SWCSD#2 will be providing a certified staff member to verify completion of these courses. 


To be considered for this program, student(s) must be currently enrolled in SWCSD#2 and complete the application to schedule a meeting with the district’s distance-learning team to discuss if this option is appropriate and if their child is eligible and could benefit from this type of instructional delivery.  


Technology Requirements


Students must have access to reliable internet. All students of SWCSD#2 will have a Chromebook, checked out to them, which they must care for and return upon completion of each quarter, if not re-enrolled in the district’s distance-learning program.  Cell phones are not suitable for managing online learning. Students may also be responsible for any supplies required for the online course, such as materials for content-specific learning tasks such as labs or projects.


Commitment Expectations

If approved, parents and students must commit to at least 9 weeks (one quarter) of instruction through the distance-learning program. 


If families decide to transition back to face-to-face instruction, they will need to do so at the end of each quarter and may be enrolled, upon approval, in either Expedition Academy or Green River High School. 


Drop Add Period

Students will have up to one week after the beginning of each 9-week grading period to withdraw or enroll in the distance-learning program (upon approval). After the one-week period, the student must complete the quarter in whichever program they are enrolled in; unless unforeseen circumstances or needs present themselves and the distance-learning program team believes it is appropriate for the student to make a change.  Students' attendance and work completion will be reviewed at the end of each quarter to determine if this environment is still appropriate for the student. 


Throughout this independent learning model, students are expected to be disciplined, initiate learning, self-advocate, effective time managers, and complete all units and assignments by the due dates posted. Students are responsible for taking and completing four classes per quarter (each 9 weeks) and are expected to spend 90 minutes per class - per day. Attendance will be collected based on the login time and course unit and assignment progression. If a student is eligible for special education and/or Section 504 services, specific plans will be developed to address individual needs that the student may present. 

All grading policies, procedures, and student eligibility requirements will be in effect.  Students will receive grades based on work completed, as well as their level of mastery in each given unit and staying caught up to the pacing requirement for each course. Students are expected to maintain good academic standing while participating in the district’s distance-learning plan.

Student Expectations

  • Login daily and working on each class 90 minutes per day. 
  • Communicate, through email with teacher of record, if needed.
  • Remain on pace with course schedule.
  • Take all assessments on scheduled dates and within the allotted period.
  • Maintain good academic standing; pass at least three academic classes each quarter. 

The Expedition Academy High School Counselor will conference with students weekly through phone or email to ensure students are meeting their goals and maintaining good academic standing. 


Probationary Period

Students, who fail to maintain good academic standing, may be placed on academic probation. Students will have 4.5 weeks to show progress and meet with the distance-learning program administrator to set goals. Students, who fail to show progress, may be required to return to a traditional academic setting to continue learning as previously described.


Academic Integrity

Students are expected to uphold SWCSD#2 standards for academic honesty and integrity, as written in the school(s) handbook. Students who demonstrate academic dishonesty by cheating or plagiarizing, may receive a zero on the assignment / FAIL the course, and may also be required to return to a traditional academic setting to continue receiving instruction. ALL grades earned or not earned (“F or Withdrawn”) will be placed on the student’s official transcript.


Student Supports 

Students who are eligible for special education, Section 504, or English Language Learner services will have the opportunity to receive these services through the district’s distance-learning program.  A team meeting will be held as the student enrolls into the program, or shortly after, to ensure that student needs are met and services are provided.  Plans may need to be adjusted due to the nature of an online platform.

Attendance Policy

All students involved in the SWCSD#2 distance-learning program will be expected to log in and progress on each class as described above.  


  • Attendance will be taken daily according to login and pacing information. 
  • Expedition Academy High School handbook attendance policy will be followed. 
  • Five unexcused days per quarter is the current policy (please refer to the EAHS handbook). 
  • If a student does not log in and meet daily pacing and time requirements, they will need to provide (email) documentation as to the reason they did not attend class, just as they would if they were attending school face-to-face. 
  • A parent note is NOT an excused absence.  
  • Failure to meet the attendance expectations may result in a breach of contract and removal from SWCSD#2 distance-learning program.


On-Campus Expectations

Students may need to report to school for student support, attend meetings, state assessments, and/or participate in school athletics and activities.  Unless prearranged through a student’s IEP or Section 504 Plan, transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. The school nutrition program will work with each parent / guardian to designate an on-site pick-up routine for free/reduced breakfast and lunch (if applicable) if parents would like their child to receive meals from the district.