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About Our District

Sweetwater County School District #2 serves over 2,600 students. There are 10 schools in our district. Within the Green River city limits, there are 4 elementary schools for grades K-5, one 6th, 7th and 8th middle school, one high school serving 9th-12th grades and one alternative high school serving grades 10th-12th. In addition, there are three rural schools serving students in our outlying areas. Those schools are located in the communities of Granger, McKinnon and Thoman Ranch.

We are pleased to deliver a comprehensive K-12 program for our students. Our dedicated staff supports student development through a well balanced curricular experience. Students will explore all core subject areas along with opportunities with art, music, theater, career and tech ed.

We are also proud to offer a full range of activities for students to participate in throughout the school year.

We welcome you to visit our schools for more information.


District Administrators:


Craig Barringer

(307) 872-5501


Jason D Fuss
Asst. Supt/HR Director

(307) 872-8813


Alan Demaret
Asst. Supt/Special Services Director
(307) 872-5503


Gregory Figenser
Curriculum Director
(307) 872-5504


Anthony Beardsley
Activities Director
(307) 872-4742