New Students Enrolling for 21/22 School Year

(Kindergarten through 12th Grade)

 Sweetwater County School District #2

NEW STUDENTS (Kindergarten through 12th Grade)


 If your family is new to the District and if you have not already registered for the 21/22 school year, please visit at least one of your children’s schools, or email  to receive a link to our on-line registration system.

See our website (click on registration info) for school boundaries and school contact information

 Early registration will not only assist the District in determining seat counts, but will help ensure the best chance for your child to attend their home school or have a voluntary transfer application approved due to class size restrictions.

 What to include with the registration process:

  • Certified Birth Certificate (KG’s must be received prior to 8/18/21)
  • Immunization Record (KG’s must be received prior to 8/18/21)
  • Utility statement with proof of address 
Kindergarten (KG) only:
Per Wyoming Statute 21-4-302 (b) and 21-3-110 (a) (xxxviii) effective for the 21-22 school year, incoming KG students born after August 1st 2016 must be assessed to determine if pupil is sufficiently mature to be admitted to the applicable grade. 

Schools will contact parent/guardian(s) to setup a screening date to determine kindergarten readiness. Registration does not guarantee enrollment approval on children born after August 1st.

Registration Information - New Students