Sweetwater County SD #2's Curriculum Transparency Documents

"Wyoming Content & Performance Standards Grade Band Document"


Cheyenne –  State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Megan Degenfelder and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) have launched the Curriculum Transparency page on the WDE website as outlined in the 2023-2027 WDE Strategic Plan. This webpage will directly link to similar curricular transparency pages on participating district websites.

“After campaigning across the state and being a year into office, transparency remains central to our mission at the WDE. Parents and communities deserve to know what is being taught in their schools. It is not an easy process to create user-friendly transparency into curriculum and materials. However, with the teamwork of many superintendents around the state and our WDE team, I think we are making great progress on this issue. I am proud of the work we are here to showcase.” said Superintendent Degenfelder.

Anyone can use this online resource to quickly access their district’s primary resources such as textbooks and understand their alignment to Wyoming K-12 State Standards. The ability to quickly understand what textbook is being used for what grade and subject will empower parents to make informed decisions and inquiries about their children’s education. The initiative was a collaboration between the WDE and school districts that worked to identify a user-friendly method to provide access to this critical information.

The webpage also includes resources about standards requirements, by grade level. These documents are intended to help parents easily view what is required of their child at each grade level, and connect those requirements to their district’s curriculum and instruction materials

If you have any questions regarding the district's curriculum and instructional materials, please feel free to contact our Curriculum & Instruction Department.

Updated Summer of 2024